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Naturalistas – Rainy days are better spent in a doek…

Happy First of June everyone!! 😀

So, Winter is here and hopefully the rain is on its way as well. South Africans would know just how much we yearn for that rain! I would love any form of moisture for our country may it be rain, mist, fog ANYTHING just to quench the thirst.. but unfortunately my hair doesnt! 😦

As we all know pure rain water is very good for our hair its known as “soft water”, treating our hair with such water would be amazing just the sound of it makes my hair curl! Okay lame joke, but anyway. Rain water is not as pure as we all think it is. It contains alot of metals, chemicals, basically pollutants that can strip your hair and promote everything a naturalistas does not want for their hair.

Okay, so I came up with the idea of writing about this because a few days ago on my way to varsity (yes, I experience alot of things while walking to varsity XD ) it started drizzling and I had my umbrella with me. Me being EXTRA I had my hoodie on and my umbrella over my head, guys it was only drizzling. Since going natural I am VERY concious about my hair to the point where it annoys my family 😛 . For some reason I knew subcionsiusly that I need to protect my hair from the rain. I got to varsity and done research to unpack what the effects of rain might have on my hair.

In our modern world loads of development is taking place, and this directly and indirectly affects us – if you think it didn’t isten to this! As we all know pollution such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide is emitted by cars, buildings, etc. and this is absorbed by the clouds producing Acid Rain (a.k.a “hard water”). Okay, so you see those old yet beautiful buildings in Cape Town city they usually have those brown lines on them caused by rain. If that’s what rain does to buildings imagine what it could to your beautiful fragile locks!

Scales on hair shaft

The hair shaft is made up of scales that should naturally lay flat, and hard water makes them lift. Resulting in you loosing moisture faster, your hair being more tangled because its becomes rough, it attracts more dirt because it would be difficult to rinse all the product out of your hair since it gets trapped in those scales. It strips out all the natural oils that makes your hair shiny and promotes hair growth.. and this leads to other problems that leads to other problems.

So how to you repair your hair? Well, the best answer would be to use soft water to counter act but since that is awfully scarce, we could use distilled water (need I say more?). Oil treat, oil treat, oil treat and replenish those natural oils. Furthermore, you could also use apple cider vinegar in order to counter the alkalinity of the rain water and close those scales girl. ❤

Prevention is better than cure. So cover up your beautiful locks this winter! 🙂

“A girl who cuts her hair is about to change her life” – Coco Chanel ❤ :*


4 thoughts on “Naturalistas – Rainy days are better spent in a doek…”

  1. Wow thanks for this,
    I never took note of the dangers of having my hair out when it rains. I personally don’t use an umbrella unless its really pouring heavy, I’ll have to take note of this to protect ’em locks


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