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The Quest to Finding my Holy Grail Product…

Finding your ‘Holy Grail’ product is not easy. I’m not proud of all the money and time I spent on all these products. However, its all part of finding a product that works for your hair, because after all we all different ay.


I have two brands that I’m trying out at the moment they both work amazing for my hair. However, since my hair is so short I’m only wanting it to be moisturised and tamed. Both these brands help me in doing just that. They make my hair super soft and manageable. However, I didn’t have a decent detangling product and I bought this ‘Knot On My Watch” by Auntie Jackie’s to see if it will help with the detangling process and minimise my hair loss. I’ll post the results on here after I do that in a few since I’ll be washing my hair later on.

A few hours later…. (Spongebob commentator voice) XD

I’m back with a review on the ‘Knot On My Watch’ detangling therapy.

When I applied it on my hair it felt very light, which is not ideal for my dense hair. Thus I used a generous amount which it stipulates on the product anyway, the comb didn’t ‘glide’ through though as it states on the product but it wasn’t as tangled. Only the very tangled parts which are the sides of my head which I sleep on that was a bit of a hassle as usual.
One bonus of the product that I loved was the little hair that was left on the comb after I detangled! That was one of the ways I could see that it helped with my detangling. I loved it so much made my hair soft, I’m sitting with it on my hair now after I applied AJs All purpose oils. I’m about to pull out the massager to massage my scalp!


Hope this was helpful

Bye for now 👋


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