~ Peaceful Sleep with Braids πŸ’€ ~

Hmmm.. I know that title sounds a bit contradictory. Its a pain sleeping with braids or any kind of synthetic hair that does not belong to you (well, that’s just my opinion). So, let me try and explain this as simply as possible because I always tend to exaggerate things.. πŸ™ˆ 😏

So I use two doekies for my night time routine. I use the one to tie my hair up into a high ponytail. I wrap it around twice to secure it then I use the same doekie to make a loose bolla and I wrap the doek twice again to secure the bolla. Okay that’s step one, now I use the other one and wrap it around my head and if its big enough wrap it around the bolla as well so that its not too heavy on your head at night.

That’s it guys! 😊
You can apply oil to your scalp at night as well, but I do this once or twice a week to prevent product build-up as much as possible.
Soooo… I hope this helped you guys! ❀ Welcome to all my new “likers” ☺ my page has been visited often even while I wasn’t active and I’m really grateful it means that I’m doing something right!


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