Clarkes Bar And Dining Room

What a wow! Check out this amazing review of a rustic gem in the infamous Bree street in the mother city (Cape Town). Be sure to give this blog a follow because this blogger has that thing when it comes to lifestyle & fashion blogging.


Yes… It’s been a minute. But back at it we are!! 😀

Bree Street is a treacherous place to be in the middle of the month, but you know whats great? Contrary to popular belief the resto-bar scene in Bree Street is not as “expensive” as people thinks it to be.

Having not seen a dear friend in about three months I thought it was due for a catch up, and what better place than Clarke’s Bar and Dining Room. With its luxe vibrant interior nestled in the middle of Bree street, Clarke’s is a public favourite.


Appreciation for the aesthetic was obviously taken into consideration with this almost homely feel given by the space. Being light and fluffy they made sure that the drinks are strong enough to compliment the surroundings. Well, let’s talk food and drinks. Notably it is considered that they have a niche for rustic influences…

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~ All about the My Hairstory ZA event 🌸~

Upon entering the venue we were welcomed by a beautiful face with two cute buns and a sunflower head band!  She was vibrant and energetic just what I needed since my sister and I have been in town since early hours of the morning.  If only I knew there were special goodie bags with Design Essentials in I would’ve asked her, lol I’m just kidding! 


My sister and I got us some champagne (not everyday you drink champagne hehe I had to have two ) and made ourselves comfortable. This was our first event so we were a bit weary not knowing what to expect, heck we didn’t even know what to wear (I had to go look at pictures of the 2016 event to see what they wore). Seeing all these beautiful, confident, content, and glowing faces inspired me because that’s exactly what you should portray to show people that you can feel this way too if you go this route. I have to admit Cape Town you devil you have some gorgeous ladies! I am a feminist (not a sexist) I love seeing females excel. And here you could see women celebrating women!  Being surrounded by beautiful women that support one another is a rare occasion.

Okay, so my sister and I had to buy ourselves these gorgeous earrings by Denise Erasmus!  I absolutely love them and the cute caption on my sister’s pair is just hilarious but so true! 

I bought myself this beautiful bag at #CapeTownCurly ‘s vending station the caption gives me life! 


The #TwistedSista and #TropicIsleLiving vending station has some amazing discounts of upto 40% I had to buy myself a satin bonnet for only R30 usually it goes for like R70 in the shop! I took some pictures at the banners to enter a competition offered by #StyleStudio. Yes girl, there were competitions, discounts and giveaways galore! Any naturalistas dream because these things are not cheap! I tried to visit each stall between talks but I couldn’t. Amongst other things raw shea butter, black soap and beautiful head scarfs were available at the event.

Now coming to the talks we got some tips on how to start a brand and your own product line, how to build your brand online using Instagram, how to live your brand daily (dressing the way you want people to see you), how to eat according to your hair goals and lastly how to look after your scalp to allow your hair to grow healthily and strong! We listened to a beautiful poet who summed the importance of having such an event in today’s generation and society up into a few beautiful sonnets. 
Lastly, we had a panel discussion about your rights in the workplace as a natural who wants to wear her mane out carefreely! We got legal advice from a beautiful lawyer whose mane got me mesmerized!
I’m finally done.. 
Thanks #LindiwevanStaden, owner of the #MyHairstoryZA event!  I’m grateful that I got a chance to thank you in person as well!  You’re such a beautiful soul! I’ll be there next year you can bet on that!  No one should have to miss out on such an event its empowering to say the least, book your tickets early to not miss out next year!



~ Wash Day in a Bottle regimen💆‍ ~

Wash day can be a pain when you have braids as most of you might know who has or has had braids in. I watched a video that really helped me and essentially made my wash days 100 times easier and I hope it will help you guys as well.

So, since I have a TWA my hair is prone to popping out along the sides of the braids and this is because as you guys know our manes does not want to be tamed. I made peace with this and I let it pop out but to limit the amount of hair especially for those of you that have longer hair than mine this will be very helpful. Basically, I call it my bottled wash day because that’s literally what it is.

Firstly, I use a spray bottle and pour some of my shampoo in it and mix this with hot water and pour enough to allow it to foam up well enough. Then I start on the side of my head flipping the rest of the braids to the opposite side of where you want to start washing. Spray it onto your roots and using the pads of your fingertips just rub your scalp and roots (N.B. do not use your fingernails you will just be breaking your hair) because your hair is most fragile while it is wet ay.

Secondly, I use the same spray bottle for my conditioner (thus, I just use enough shampoo or I just use the rest on the length of my braids in order to get the ends of my hair). Do the same process mixing the water and conditioner, spray onto your roots and scalp. Rinse it if it is not a leave-in. I guess I shouldn’t be telling y’all this you obviously know.. Hehe sorry!

Finally, to complete my wash day I use the LOC in a bottle! Lol, yep I said! It’s pretty self-explanatory… So, I mix hot water (Liquid), oil (any oil of your choice) and cream (I use Curl La La, for now). I spray this on my hair and just let it dry it will have a white residue at first but once it dries your A-For-Away!
So yep that is my hair regimen it is much similar than this essay makes it out to be guys! Hope it makes your wash day with braids as easy as it has mine!


~ Peaceful Sleep with Braids 💤 ~

Hmmm.. I know that title sounds a bit contradictory. Its a pain sleeping with braids or any kind of synthetic hair that does not belong to you (well, that’s just my opinion). So, let me try and explain this as simply as possible because I always tend to exaggerate things.. 🙈 😏

So I use two doekies for my night time routine. I use the one to tie my hair up into a high ponytail. I wrap it around twice to secure it then I use the same doekie to make a loose bolla and I wrap the doek twice again to secure the bolla. Okay that’s step one, now I use the other one and wrap it around my head and if its big enough wrap it around the bolla as well so that its not too heavy on your head at night.

That’s it guys! 😊
You can apply oil to your scalp at night as well, but I do this once or twice a week to prevent product build-up as much as possible.
Soooo… I hope this helped you guys! ❤ Welcome to all my new “likers” ☺ my page has been visited often even while I wasn’t active and I’m really grateful it means that I’m doing something right!

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Michelle goes bald, well almost!

My sister, Michelle Fransman, has been interested in going natural for a long time.. Hmmm, I won’t boast and say it was because of me but hey! 😀 She started transitioning after her wedding in February and I done her styles using perm rods and she loved it. I became a big chop activist ✊ when I realized every time she told me she doesn’t know what to do with her hair I told her “just cut it off”. 
And she finally did! 😁
I done her big chop, it actually came out even lol 👀 only experience I have with cutting hair is my own when I big chopped my own hair (My Big Chop: A preview of my “Big Day”). Nonetheless, she loved it! ❤
She was worried about it being ‘CORPORATE’ enough because she couldn’t do styles. But, she’s since had one very important meeting and a new job interview and she rocked her TWA with NO hair accessories 😊


Moral of the story: some people may need a push in the right direction just that one person to motivate them when they are contemplating be that person and help them. Some are scared of what they’ll look like it’s all part of the process it’s a JOURNEY (okay it’s more like a rollercoaster but hey) if you don’t like the look you can always just go back to straight hair. I’m biased because I’m natural but it’s the best decision you can make for yourself, your children, and your over all being ❤ .. 

P.S. I haven’t posted about my own hair in a while. I will be doing a 6 month update for you guys instead because my hair is growing pretty slowly and I don’t see much difference yet. Shrinkage is REAL! XD 

However, I will be trying out the egg and mayonnaise hair mask tonight. Because curiosity! Also, I have heard so much positive things about it so I’m excited about that! ❤

Thanks for all the support guys I have reached so many followers over the past few weeks and I’m really chuffed! Welcome ladies, I hope you guys will enjoy my blogs and feel free to comment and give me advice on this journey because I surely need it! 

‘A girl who cuts her hair is about to change her life’ – Coco Chanel ❤
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– New Outlook On Life 🌏-

Being natural has changed the way I look at people and life in general. It may seem cliché but honestly I have noticed this for a while. I see the beauty in women more so who accepts themselves. I may be biased but its a blessing, more so its courageous to be natural. 

I’ve seen all the posts about how ladies are discriminated against for embracing their natural hair, and I want to share this with you. I too have been discriminated against on two occasions (some people just don’t have the guts to ask), I’ve been asked if I’m coloured. I will post the blog post on this topic soon. I am coloured but I am also African and is it not okay too look like an African Queen that I am in my home land?  This question can bring up an array of questions that I don’t want to delve into now.

It’s important for us as naturalistas to support one another. You may be the one reassuring voice that that lady wanted to hear. Telling her she’s beautiful, her hair is beautiful, she is welcome to be herself. It goes deeper than just a voice. 

#BlackisBeautiful #GoingBackToMyRoots #HairGoals

I brightened a beautiful girl’s day up like that. I am an introvert by nature but I was just obsessed with her kinky TWA.  I was hesitating to tell her but the smile she gave me thanking me warmed my heart. 

I’m not saying go out there and constantly compliment girls on their natural hair but if God puts that urge in you to say it do just that. She might just need it. 


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Going Back to My Roots

Growing up I always hated my hair. Let me rephrase, not while growing up this actually ended in November 2016 when I started realizing how gorgeous girls looked with their natural hair. On university I always admired them. Their hair looked healthy, shiny just extremely beautiful now this would make me sound envious. Well maybe I was, but it made me realize if they can love their hair this much, I can too. Okay let me take it back a notch.

My mother took care of my hair very well she didn’t relax it much and it was always neatly plaited for school and church so my hair was growing healthily. When I was about 5 years old my grandmother took it upon herself to take a hair clipper and cut my hair because at the time I had sores on my head but my mom told me she was about to take me to a clinic the next week when she got off work. Meanwhile she was using a cream to ease the itch and resolve the problem. Long story short my hair was gone and my mom struggled to get my texture back to  the way it was. Anyway, as I grew older I noticed other girls’ hair those girls in my class and my friends with the sleek hair and I wanted that leading to me relaxing and blowing and dyeing and straightening to the point where I even used an ordinary clothing iron to straighten my hair. I was obsessed. I wanted hair like those girls and I was going to go to all lengths to get it. While I was never aware of what I was doing to my hair, my authenticity, my culture, my self esteem, my ME!

I made myself believe that my hair only grew to a certain length (not very long as I thought), because when it reached that length it would stop growing. Aah that was a big lie, what I now know is that my hair was breaking faster than it was growing. I used to live by my pony tail on high school even at university which lead to my hair breaking off so bad at the point of its growth. My aunt owns a hair salon and she does my hair like no one else can but I was always afraid to go there not because she’s a horrible person (LOL XD ) but because of how I damaged my hair I would have a recurring appointment with her and she would bring my hair back to life and I’ll just mess it up again in the comfort of my own home.

Early 2016, I bought myself a flat iron GHD an original one at a hair salon a beautiful gold one meanwhile I don’t know how to use it so it never made my hair the way I wanted it to be. However, when my aunt and sister used it, their hair came out beautiful so it’s just me. Anyway I stopped using this GHD that I paid so much for because now I was on a new journey. A journey of self reflection and finding myself.
My mind set changed completely since I saw various natural products make headlines on my Facebook LOL! It was always there but it just started catching my eye. I told my mother about it and she just said it’s your hair do with it what you want (she says I wasted my money buying a GHD when I now want to keep my ‘kroes kop’  looking like that). XD
I decided I will do the big chop for my sisters wedding I went very short but the problem is the damaged hair was still there.

The day after the big chop.

My sister had a  beautiful small wedding and I as her maid of honor was proud to witness it.

With that being said now my hair is still not what I would like it to be and what I know it could be so I have decided to go shorter. I don’t really care what people say about how I look I care about myself and my own well being. I do expect to get bad looks on those bad hair days but I’ll clap back with my hair on fleek days hehe! 😉

I’m not expecting my natural journey to be sunshine and blue skies but I’m ready to do the MAJOR CHOP and get it started I’m sure my hair will love me for it.
Thanks for taking time out to read my first introductory blog (long I know LOL sorry) I hope you will enjoy sharing this journey with me 🙂 ❤

‘A girl who cuts her hair is about to change her life’ – Coco Chanel