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– Father’s of Little Girls –

Late Father’s day post.

Since it was Father’s day this past Sunday I would like to speak to father’s of little girls and ladies. Who can argue that regardless of age you still your father’s little girl??

I am a young strong woman thanks to my mother because my father wasn’t there for most my life. I always and still do long for a father figure in my life. No man, uncle or brother can fill that void other than your own father but I am content that he will never do that because his tried umpteenth times but the things of the world is more important to him.

Okay, let me bring you guys to the reason for this post. Few days after I big chopped my father came to visit and he didn’t like this new look at all. He, like many other fathers like their girls to look like girls (apparently they don’t look like I do ). He asked why I did it and I told him I had to, my hair was damaged and I want my hair to be healthier and he looked at my hair and then changed the subject.

I am sure this won’t reach many men but those that it does reach I want to say you are doing a good job and continue doing so.

You, father’s of little girls, I’m sure not even you have found yourself, your identity, your YOU. People are designed to ask questions so we will continue looking for ourselves in all ways. Little girls look to their father’s for that identity. Many people told me that a father determines what a woman looks for in a man one day. Makes sense right because you are the first example she has of that in many ways, this is true however it’s up to them if they didn’t have a good example.

Anyway, when they make big decisions like I did which was to big chop they look for reassurance that it’s okay but sometimes father’s don’t reciprocate the happiness that she needs during this big time of her life.

It’s very important to show her that she’s beautiful even though she has no to little hair, essentially it will grow back.  Support her in this journey and show that you support her it will definitely boost her confidence because you agree.

Educate yourself on what it means to go natural, and show that it’s okay for her to love herself enough to take this big step.

From my own experience with my father and also the reaction of my mother when I big chopped led me to write this because it is what I hoped they’d say to me. I’ve heard from many girls like my friend who by the way has what is called type 2 hair when she cut her long hair to shoulder length her father ignored her when she came home because he believes ‘girls should have long hair.’ As aforementioned it’s just hair it will grow back and for now until then just support her.

Benny and his daughter Jaxyn Harlem ❤

To the ‘little girls’ if you in such a situation educate your family you can have natural friends and groups galore, but you have to go back home. Having that negativity will affect you so speak to them tell them why you do it and what it really means to you so you can feel that support from them.

Just my two cents.

Bye for now. 👋