Clarkes Bar And Dining Room

What a wow! Check out this amazing review of a rustic gem in the infamous Bree street in the mother city (Cape Town). Be sure to give this blog a follow because this blogger has that thing when it comes to lifestyle & fashion blogging.


Yes… It’s been a minute. But back at it we are!! 😀

Bree Street is a treacherous place to be in the middle of the month, but you know whats great? Contrary to popular belief the resto-bar scene in Bree Street is not as “expensive” as people thinks it to be.

Having not seen a dear friend in about three months I thought it was due for a catch up, and what better place than Clarke’s Bar and Dining Room. With its luxe vibrant interior nestled in the middle of Bree street, Clarke’s is a public favourite.


Appreciation for the aesthetic was obviously taken into consideration with this almost homely feel given by the space. Being light and fluffy they made sure that the drinks are strong enough to compliment the surroundings. Well, let’s talk food and drinks. Notably it is considered that they have a niche for rustic influences…

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