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– New Outlook On Life 🌏-

Being natural has changed the way I look at people and life in general. It may seem cliché but honestly I have noticed this for a while. I see the beauty in women more so who accepts themselves. I may be biased but its a blessing, more so its courageous to be natural. 

I’ve seen all the posts about how ladies are discriminated against for embracing their natural hair, and I want to share this with you. I too have been discriminated against on two occasions (some people just don’t have the guts to ask), I’ve been asked if I’m coloured. I will post the blog post on this topic soon. I am coloured but I am also African and is it not okay too look like an African Queen that I am in my home land?  This question can bring up an array of questions that I don’t want to delve into now.

It’s important for us as naturalistas to support one another. You may be the one reassuring voice that that lady wanted to hear. Telling her she’s beautiful, her hair is beautiful, she is welcome to be herself. It goes deeper than just a voice. 

#BlackisBeautiful #GoingBackToMyRoots #HairGoals

I brightened a beautiful girl’s day up like that. I am an introvert by nature but I was just obsessed with her kinky TWA.  I was hesitating to tell her but the smile she gave me thanking me warmed my heart. 

I’m not saying go out there and constantly compliment girls on their natural hair but if God puts that urge in you to say it do just that. She might just need it. 



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