~ All about the My Hairstory ZA event 🌸~

Upon entering the venue we were welcomed by a beautiful face with two cute buns and a sunflower head band!  She was vibrant and energetic just what I needed since my sister and I have been in town since early hours of the morning.  If only I knew there were special goodie bags with Design Essentials in I would’ve asked her, lol I’m just kidding! 


My sister and I got us some champagne (not everyday you drink champagne hehe I had to have two ) and made ourselves comfortable. This was our first event so we were a bit weary not knowing what to expect, heck we didn’t even know what to wear (I had to go look at pictures of the 2016 event to see what they wore). Seeing all these beautiful, confident, content, and glowing faces inspired me because that’s exactly what you should portray to show people that you can feel this way too if you go this route. I have to admit Cape Town you devil you have some gorgeous ladies! I am a feminist (not a sexist) I love seeing females excel. And here you could see women celebrating women!  Being surrounded by beautiful women that support one another is a rare occasion.

Okay, so my sister and I had to buy ourselves these gorgeous earrings by Denise Erasmus!  I absolutely love them and the cute caption on my sister’s pair is just hilarious but so true! 

I bought myself this beautiful bag at #CapeTownCurly ‘s vending station the caption gives me life! 


The #TwistedSista and #TropicIsleLiving vending station has some amazing discounts of upto 40% I had to buy myself a satin bonnet for only R30 usually it goes for like R70 in the shop! I took some pictures at the banners to enter a competition offered by #StyleStudio. Yes girl, there were competitions, discounts and giveaways galore! Any naturalistas dream because these things are not cheap! I tried to visit each stall between talks but I couldn’t. Amongst other things raw shea butter, black soap and beautiful head scarfs were available at the event.

Now coming to the talks we got some tips on how to start a brand and your own product line, how to build your brand online using Instagram, how to live your brand daily (dressing the way you want people to see you), how to eat according to your hair goals and lastly how to look after your scalp to allow your hair to grow healthily and strong! We listened to a beautiful poet who summed the importance of having such an event in today’s generation and society up into a few beautiful sonnets. 
Lastly, we had a panel discussion about your rights in the workplace as a natural who wants to wear her mane out carefreely! We got legal advice from a beautiful lawyer whose mane got me mesmerized!
I’m finally done.. 
Thanks #LindiwevanStaden, owner of the #MyHairstoryZA event!  I’m grateful that I got a chance to thank you in person as well!  You’re such a beautiful soul! I’ll be there next year you can bet on that!  No one should have to miss out on such an event its empowering to say the least, book your tickets early to not miss out next year!



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